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G20 protests in Toronto: an aftermath

3 July, 2010

A graph presenting aspects of the G20 protests in Toronto

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This is a graph presenting aspects of the G20 protests in Toronto during the weekend of 26 & 27 June, 2010.

The security costs are compared with those of other, past G20 / G8 summits. While it must have cost about 1 billion Canadian dollars (about 938 million US$) for the security of both G8 and G20 summits in Canada in 2010, the costs were significantly less for past summits:
in Japan it was 381 million US$ in 2008 for the G8 summit, while for the London G20 summit in 2009 the cost was 30 million.

There is also a representation of the forces deployed for security: 19,000 police officers from all over Canada and 1,100 private security guards.

The graph focuses on the events / demonstrations during the weekend (26 & 27 June 2010). The number of security forces is compared to the number of the protesters.

While the National Post (Canadian newspaper) claims that the protesters were about 10,000, the Guardian (London, UK) brings this number down to 5,000 (the Guardian suggests that although about 10,000 were planning to demonstrate only about 5,000 made it due to poor weather conditions; i.e. rain). On the other hand there were about 5,500 police officers.

Finally, a time line shows the number of protesters arrested and charged during the demonstrations: more than 600 according to the Montreal Gazette or more than 900 people according to CBC news.

Many thanks to Jennifer Hollett for suggesting and inspiring me to develop and design this graph.

The Montreal Gazette
National Post
CBC News
The Guardian (I)
The Guardian (II)

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  1. maria Varvarigou permalink
    4 July, 2010 9:16 pm

    Interesting and very analytical….it’s quite impressive actually! Well-done Sir!

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