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Traffic information for the UK BAA airports (June 2010)

14 July, 2010

Graph showing UK BAA airports traffic information for June 2010

Click on the image to enlarge it

This graph shows information related to the UK BAA airports for June 2010. (Click here to see last month’s graph.)

On a UK map, the six BAA airports (London Heathrow, London Stansted, Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen) are indicated. For each, you can see its number of passengers in June 2010, and a comparison (down in most cases due to the BA industrial action early in June) to June 2009 figure.

There is also a pie graph showing the ’share’ each airport has to the total number of passengers served in all UK BAA airports for the same period.

I have been designing maps, diagrams, information cards, plans and other graphics-related material for BAA the last 2 years, so this graph comes out of personal interest and curiosity.

It is also inspired and uses as its source the latest (June 2010) traffic figures BAA has published.

June 2010 traffic figures

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