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Labour Force (15-74 year olds) in Greece (April 2011)

5 August, 2011

Infographic related to the Labour Force (employment-unemployment) in Greece (April 2011)

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Inspired by a post in The Guardian’s Datablog I publish an infographic related to the Labour Force (15-74 year olds) in Greece (April 2011).

On the infographic from the top left corner to the bottom right one there are charts for:

a) the percentage and number of unemployed, employed and economically inactive people in Greece in April 2011
b) the unemployment rate for women (19.6%) and men (13.1%)
c) the unemployment rate by region (map of Greece). The more dark red a region is painted, the higher the unemployment rate is. The highest unemployment rate was in West Macedonia (23.1%).
d) the number and rate of unemployed people in April for the last six years (this year it was the highest)
e) the unemployment rate by age group; the younger the people the higher the unemployment rate (reaches 43.1% – more than 2 out of 5 people – for those aged between 15-24 years)

The overall unemployment rate in Greece in April was 15.8, slightly less than the one in March (16.2 %).

However, seasonality must be the main reason for the improvement: it is in April when many occupations related to the tourism sector (mostly in islands) are ‘reactivated’ after the winter ‘hibernation’.

Seasonality affects the graph (map of Greece) which illustrates the unemployment rate by region. While in April West Macedonia had the highest rate (23.1%), a month before (March 2011), South Aegean region was at the top with a staggering 30.4 per cent; in April it fell down to 17.1 per cent.

For more details on the matter you can view the complete Press Release by the Hellenic Statistical Authority.

On Thursday, 11 August 2011, the Labour Force infographic for May 2011 will be published on The Missing Graph.

Hellenic Statistical Authority (HSA) Statistics about the Labour Force in Greece

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