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New Year, New Fares (2003 – 2013) [infographic] The evolution of the London tube & bus fares in the last decade

2 January, 2013

Infographic presenting the evolution of the London tube & bus fares in the last decade

Click on the image to enlarge it

It looks like every new year and most often on the 2nd of January, the public transport fares in London are updated (a mild way to say “increase”).

The above infographic presents the evolution of the prices of single bus fares, one-day bus passes (or Oyster daily price cap nowadays) and one-day travelcards for London Underground (tube) zones 1 & 2 in the last decade (2003-2013).

Paying with cash, the single bus fare has gone up at least 240% (2.4 times) compared to its price ten years ago. Back in 2003 a single bus fare in central London cost £1.00 (£0.70 for outer zones). Starting today (2 January 2013) the single bus flat fare (paying by cash) costs £2.40.

However, using an Oyster card a single bus trip costs now £1.40 which is an 140% (1.4 times) increase compared to Spring 2004 prices when Oyster was introduced on buses.

Various ephemera (tickets)
Fares and tickets guides London: Transport for London (various publications)
GLA Website
TfL Website
BBC Website

Many thanks to Kalliopi Vgontza for her technical expertise and Marina Vellou, Christos Makropoulos and Pavlos Kapralos for their feedback and suggestions.

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