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A History of the IAAF World Athletics Championships – infographic

9 August, 2013

An infographic presenting the IAAF World Athletics Championships  host cities/countries & number of participating countries/athletes

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The 14th IAAF World Championships in athletics Moscow 2013 are about to begin (Saturday, 10 August 2013).

We present an infographic with the host cities/countries and the number of participating countries and athletes in each championships.

During the 1st Championships (Helsinki, 1983), 1,333 athletes from 153 countries participated while this time (Moscow, 2013) 1,967 athletes from 206 countries have been declared to participate.

On the map of the infographic the concentration of the orange ‘dots’ (host cities) in Europe is quite notable: 10 out of the 14 World Championships have taken place in Europe (including the Moscow Championships); only once in North America (Edmonton, Canada) and 3 in Asia (twice in Japan and once in Korea) – none in the rest of the continents (Africa, Australia, South America).

Enjoy the Championships!

IAAF Moscow 2013 statistics book (PDF Document)

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