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2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup: The height of the players (tallest & shortest: player, team, position) infographic

2 September, 2014

Infographic with facts and figures about the heights of the players of the 2014 FIBA World Cup

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Today’s infographic examines the height of the basketball players who participate in the 2014 FIBA Basketball Word Cup held in Spain (30 August – 14 September).

The shortest basketball player of the tournament is Philippine point guard Lewis Alfred ‘LA’ Tenorio standing at 1.70m (5’6”). There are 3 more participants below 1.80m (5’9”): one of them is Iranian point guard Sajjad Mashayekhi (1.78 m – 5’8”) and the other two play in the Philippines team. In fact the Philippines team has the lowest height average, 1.91m (6’3”) and point guards are the shortest in the tournament – average at 1.88m (6’2”) and usually is the position where shorter players thrive.

On the other end of the spectrum tallest team is Greece – average 2.04m (6’7”), followed close by Serbia. Centers are the tallest players – average at 2.10m (6’9”). The tallest participant of the 2014 FIBA World Cup is Iranian centre Hamed Haddadi standing at 2.18m (7’2”).

For comparison on the infographic the players stand by a backstop unit. The official distance from the basket ring to the ground is 3.05m (10’0”).

The (mean) average height of all the participants is 1.99m (6’5”).

It could be interesting to compare (link opens to a new window) the height of the participants of the FIBA basketball World Cup to the height of the participants of the equivalent 2014 FIFA World Cup (football). The average height of the 2014 Brazil World Cup footballers was 1.82m (5’11”).

Here is a table with the heights of each position and team (average) participating in the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup:

Height of:
Hamed Haddadi (Iran – center) 218.0 7’2”
Centers (average) 209.9 6’11”
Power Forwards (average) 204.9 6’9”
Greece 204.0 6’8”
Serbia 203.9 6’8”
Croatia 202.7 6’8”
Lithuania 202.3 6’8”
All forwards (average) 202.2 6’8”
Senegal 201.6 6’7”
Australia 201.4 6’7”
France 200.9 6’7”
Turkey 200.8 6’7”
USA 200.8 6’7”
Brazil 200.1 6’7”
Ukraine 200.1 6’7”
Slovenia 199.8 6’7”
Spain 199.8 6’7”
Small Forwards (average) 199.4 6’7”
All Players (average) 199.1 6’6”
Finland 198.6 6’6”
Argentina 198.4 6’6”
Puerto Rico 198.3 6’6”
Iran 198.3 6’6”
Mexico 197.0 6’6”
Egypt 196.4 6’5”
Angola 196.1 6’5”
New Zealand 195.9 6’5”
Dominican Republic 194.8 6’5”
Korea 194.3 6’4”
Shooting Guards (average) 193.7 6’4”
Philippines 191.3 6’3”
All guards (average) 190.3 6’3”
Point Guards (average) 187.8 6’2”
Lewis Alfred ‘LA’ Tenorio (Philippines – Guard) 170.0 5’7”

FIBA The Official Website of the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup

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