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The business week (3-7 October 2016) in an infographic

7 October, 2016

It’s Friday evening, nearly at the end of the business week and we take an infographic look at some of the business news that attracted our attention during the week.

Job cuts

On Monday, ING Bank announced that there will be 5,800 redundancies by 2021: 3,500 of them in Belgium and 2,300 in the Netherlands.

The day after it was Ericsson’s turn; it intends to cut 3,000 jobs in Sweden where it is based. [ ]

On Thursday Deutsche Bank said it was cutting 1,000 jobs in Germany and another 340 jobs were planned to be cut by Theranos, the blood testing company in the US.

Pound goes down – FTSE 100 goes up

The plummet of the pound was (and still is) top news during the whole week. On the other hand FTSE 100 almost hit its highest value on Tuesday (well above 7,000 points). Thus it looks like the pound and the FTSE 100 are inversely proportional quantities.

The higher you are paid the more flexible working hours you have

This is according to a research published by charity organisation Working Families on Wednesday. 69% of parents who are paid more than 70K a year work flexibly. For the lower-earning parents (10-40K annually) the percentage is 47.

easyJet’s profits less than expected

Though the airliner achieved record traffic in the last three months (July – September) by flying 22 million passengers, its full-year pre-tax profit is anticipated to be in the region of £490-495m. Last year the easyjet’s profit was £686m.

Qatar Airways orders 40 Boeing aircrafts

Today (Friday) Boeing announced that Qatar Airways (its fleet includes already 84 Boeing aircraft) ordered thirty (30) 787-9 Dreamliners and ten (10) 777-300ERs.

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Friday, 7 October 2016

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