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The new pound coin and comparison to other world coins (infographic)

28 March, 2017

The new £1 coin debuts today, 28 March 2017, and we have designed an infographic comparing some of its features to other world coins.

Its diameter is slightly bigger than the existing (‘old’) pound: 23.43mm (was 22.5mm). Compared to the 1 euro coin (⌀23.25mm) it’s almost the same. The new coin’s diameter is smaller than the Australian (⌀25mm) and the Canadian dollar (⌀26.5mm).

It’s slimmer than the old pound (2.8mm from 3.15mm) but it remains relatively thick; only the Australian dollar is thicker (3mm). The 1 euro coin is 2.33mm thick and the Canadian dollar (loonie) is even thinner at 1.95mm.

As a result the loonie is the lightest among the coins compared (6.27g) while the heaviest was the old pound (9.5g). The new pound is a bit less heavy (8.75g); still heavier than the euro (7.5g) but lighter than the Australian dollar (9g).

The Royal Mint The new pound coin
The Gazette Proclamation determining the specifications and design for a new one pound coin
European Central Bank Common sides of euro coins
Royal Australian Mint The one dollar coin
Royal Canadian Mint The 1-dollar coin, familiarly known as the ‘loonie’

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