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Greece & Spain in EuroBasket 2013 (hosted in Slovenia, 4-22 September) [infographic]

3 September, 2013

Infographic with facts and figures about the EuroBasket 2013 (Spain & Greece)

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The EuroBasket 2013 which is hosted in Slovenia is about to begin (4-22 September).

In this infographic we present a pie chart with the EuroBasket winners so far: Soviet Union (14 times), Yugoslavia (8 times), Lithuania (3 times). 2-time winners are Italy, Greece and Spain and there are 6 other teams which have won the title once.

Another pie chart shows a tendency for the host teams (it’s Slovenia in this EuroBasket) to win if not the trophy itself (9 times out of the 37 EuroBasket so far), at least the silver medal – 2nd place (8 times) or the bronze medal – 3rd place (2 times so far).

The trophy itself is a “a masterpiece of gold and sterling silver combined with jewels“. It is made of 24 jewels, gold, and sterling silver based on solid marble.

Another chart presents a timeline with the number of participating teams in each EuroBasket.

Spain and Greece are considered favourites of the tournament and the rest of the infographic deals with the two teams: their place in each EuroBasket (both teams have won the trophy twice), their roster (focusing on the height and the age of the players) and their schedule.

Greece is in Group D, together with Finland, Russia, Italy, Sweden and Turkey.

Spain is in Group C, together with Croatia, Georgia, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia.

Both teams play on 4, 5, 7, 8 & 9 of September their first-round matches and if they manage to finish in the first top three teams of their group they will proceed to the second round where they will play against each other.

Enjoy the show!

FIBA Europe EuroBasket 2013

Many thanks to Pavlos Kapralos for his invaluable feedback during the design process.

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