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10 years of parkrun: the story so far [infographic]

3 October, 2014

Infographic showing parkrun’s achievements during its first decade

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Parkrun, a free, 5km run, that takes place every Saturday morning in various parks and other locations, celebrates its 10th anniversary and we publish an infographic showing its story and achievements so far.

There are now 10 countries (UK, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Poland, Denmark, New Zealand, USA, Russia and Singapore) where parkrun events take place, 477 different locations and 765,534 runners who have completed at least one parkrun.

It all started 10 years ago, on 2 October 2004 in Bushy Park, London, UK, with 13 runners and 4 volunteers. Now London alone, the city where parkrun is most popular, 44 events are accommodated every Saturday. Last Saturday (27 September 2014) 53,063 runners completed a parkrun in the UK while 4,781 volunteers (e.g. marshals, time keepers, number checkers) made all those events possible to happen.

In the infographic we present a timeline with bits of parkrun’s story (1st event in each country with date, location and number of participants). There is also a graphic comparing the total number of locations by country and the total number of runners per country.

Parkrun is not a once-in-a-life experience! Many parkrunners are persistent and do it almost every week: 20,984 of them have completed at least 50 parkruns so far and 5,030 of them have between 100 and 249 runs. There are 139 runners who have completed more than 250 events: that’s about participating every single Saturday for 5 consecutive years!

We wish parkrun many happy returns and we look forward to experiencing all the new achievements that it will accomplish in the next ten years!

parkrun Our Story

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